Home Delivery Box


Brings the Locker at your door

Step Proiect HOME DELIVERY BOX is an automated, secure and easy-to-use storage system, with no need for online applications or QR codes. HOME DELIVERY BOX is the solution to transform the online shopping experience into an easy and convenient one.

Our parcel lockers are designed for installation at the entrance area of apartment buildings  for use exclusively by people who live there. All parcel delivery companies, local courier services as well as private individuals can use HOME DELIVERY BOXES for the secure contactless delivery of parcels and goods.

Home Delivery Box is the simple solution for delivering parcels, exchanging goods, important documents or AirBnB apartment keys, always offering maximum flexibility. It is a complementary solution to existing LOCKER networks.


HOME DELIVERY BOX brings added value for apartment building owners, condominium associations and property managers, as well as to office and administrative buildings, shopping centers, student campuses and even the industrial sector. Home Delivery Box it is already an essential amenity for modern living.

Home Delivery Box guarantees maximum Efficiency
and Customer Satifaction

Modular and Easy expandable

One unit is made out of 4 modules. Each module can have 4 postal cells or 1 parcel cell.The unit has 1 cotrol module and the other 3 are customisable according to your needs. You can add another unit whenever you want and as many as you want.

Customized Design

Customers can choose any paint color or graphic design. We can apply custom design self-adhesive vinyl or other specialty laminate finishes to match the aesthetics of your building or surroundings, including textured laminate or wood.


Home delivery box units are rough, reliable, weather proof and are working in all climates, no matter if it is winter or summer.

24/7 Availability
Easy drop off, easy pick up,
No apps, no QR, no bar code scan.
Just your phone number and a PIN.
Parcels delivery is guaranteed

There are two Home Delivery Box versions
available for houses and villas

Key Locker

24/7 Check In - Check Out

The KEY LOCKER is an automated, secure, available 24/7 system, for exchanging keys, information or documents, dedicated to hotels, apart-hotels, boarding houses and RBNB.

The locker can also delivery have boxes for parcels that all courier companies, local postal services, as well as individuals can use for safe and contactless delivery of parcels and other products.

KEY LOCKER – available 24/7, easy to use, no online apps or QR codes required.



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